Rolec WallPod EV: HomeCharge (32amp / Type 1 Tethered)


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Simple, Low Cost, Safe, Home EV Charging

WallPod EV HomeCharge is a simple, low-cost, easy to install mode 3 fast-charge EV charging station offering either 16amp or 32amp Mode 3 Charging, designed specifically for charging electric vehicles at home.


Charge Mode:      Mode 3

Charge Rate:       32A (7.2kW)

Connector:          Type 1 Tethered (J1772)


The WallPod EV : HomeCharge unit has the following Performance Specification:

·         Easy to instal / low maintenance

·         Designed to be permanently located outdoors or indoors

·         Available in both 16amp (3.6kW) and 32amp (7.2kW) formats

·         CE approved J1772 charging gun complete with 5m tethered lead

·         Secure charging gun holster

·         High quality flexible charging cable

·         Cable management system

·         Mode 3 IEC61851-1 compliant communication protocol

·         A built-in 16amp or 32amp RCBO accessible via an IP65 rated access door

·         Full overload and fault current protection

·         Multiple supply cable entry points


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