EV: BasicCharge


EV: BasicCharge7 EV BasicCharge

Low cost EV charging pedestals designed for :

Factories / warehouses / offices Hospitals / schools

sports venues / Secure retail and commercial parking areas and Private car parks


The EV: BasicCharge pedestal is the brother to Rolec’s world-leading Classic utility pedestal which boasts over 50,000 in use worldwide. This mass produced, tried and tested pedestal is, we believe, the most affordable and adaptable EV charging pedestal in the world.

Every EV: BasicCharge charging pedestal is manufactured to suit your own individual requirements and specifications whilst maintaining an off-the-shelf price tag.The BasicCharge pedestal is Plugged in Places and OCPP compliant and is able to offer back office management if required.

The EV: BasicCharge charging pedestal offers the EV driver 16amp and 32amp IEC62196 (type 2) and J1772 (type 1) mode 3 charging in addition to providing multi vehicle charging. Ideal for providing EV charging solutions in various locations.

The EV: BasicCharge pedestal offers the following product specification:

  •  Built around a heavy-duty galvanised steel chassis
    •    1000mm height (includes LED illuminated head)
    •    Available in Foamex, stainless steel or aluminium outer skins
    •    Available in a range of colours
    •    Segregated internal components
    •    Pre-drilled fixing and cable entry points
    •    Manufactured in compliance with BS7671 wiring regulations
    •    Compliant with IET EV regulations
    •    Corrosion resistant
    •    UV stabilised
    •    LED illumination
    •    Optional heavy-duty ground mounting base

PDF Specification Sheets

EVBCD001 – BasicCharge EV Pedestal

EVBCD002 – BasicCharge EV Pedestal – SuperFast