EV SecuriCharge


EV: SecuriCharge6 EV SecuriCharge

Ideal locations include hotels, car parks,

offices, factories, warehouses, restaurants,

stadiums, leisure centres, retail premises, etc.



EV: SecuriCharge is a heavy duty, vandal resistant yet discrete, wall mounted charging unit designed specifically for public and exposed locations.
This versatile unit charges via its IEC 62196 type 2 mode 3 charging socket(s), which are securely locked away when not in use.
EV: SecuriCharge is available in two formats including key switch-control or pay-to-charge via coin or token.

Rolec’s EV: SecuriCharge offers the following features:

  • Heavy duty discrete wall mounted charging unit
  • Available in black or grey (other colours available)
  • Secure lock-away charging socket
  • 16 amp or 32 amp type 2 mode 3 charging
  • 3.6kW/7.2kW/11kW/22kW charging options
  • Key-switch control as standard
  • Built in electrical protection
  • Built in LED status indicator
  • Optional pay-to-charge (P.A.Y.G.) facility using either coin or token
  • Charge time availability screen (P.A.Y.G. only)
  • EV: SecuriCharge product specification:
  • Manufactured in heavy duty, vandal resistant Zintec
  • Standard powder-coated colours are black or grey
  • Manufactured to IP65 weatherproof rating
  • Designed to be permanently located and used outdoors
  • Easy to install/easy to maintain
  • Wall unit size (key-switch) 50 cm x 20 cm x 12.5 cm
  • Wall unit size (P.A.Y.G.) 56 cm X 22 cm X 12.5 cm
  • Manufactured in compliance with BS7671 wiring regulations
  • Compliant with IET EV regulations
  • Corrosion resistant/UV stabilised
  • Operating temperature -30c to + 50c
  • 1 way or 2 way type 2 IEC 62196 charging socket options
  • 16 amp or 32 amp single or 3 phase charging
  • 3.6 kW/7.2 kW/11kW/22kW charging options
  • Each socket comes complete with security hatch-lock
  • Each socket comes complete with an LED status indicator
  • Each socket is mode 3 IEC 61851-1 communication compliant
  • Each socket is overload and DC sensitive fault current protected
  • Socket is magnetically locked away when not in use
  • Key-switch control of charging sockets (non P.A.Y.G.)
  • Available in alternative colours
  • Available in two-tone colouring
  • Available in powder coated stainless steel
  • Corporate branding
  • Built in class 1 MID approved kWh meter
  • Pay-as-you-charge (P.A.Y.G.) coin or token system
  • Key-switch control free to use
  • Key-switch control pre-paid
  • Coin payment to charge (P.A.Y.G.)
  • Token payment to charge (P.A.Y.G.)
  • Charge time availability screen (P.A.Y.G. systems only)
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PDF Specification Sheets

EVSCD0011 1way Specific leaflet – SecuriCharge

EVSCD002 – SecuriCharge SuperFast

EVSCD003 – SecuriCharge PAYG

EVSCD004 – SecuriCharge Superfast PAYG

EVSCD005 – SecuriCharge – 2 Way