Electric Car Charger Ireland

Why the Pulsar?

  • Pulsar is the best selling Wallbox charger
  • Designed specifically for the home it is compact, economical and packed full of technology and features.
  • Rated all the way up to the maximum charging power of 22 kW. It is one of the quickest and smartest chargers available

Charger Options

  • Pulsar is suitable for every plug in vehicle, with type 1 and type 2 tethered connectors
  • Pulsar Plus now benefits from the inclusion of wi-fi connectivity, in addition to its Bluetooth capability

Design Features

  • Worlds smallest charger
  • Comes in Black or white
  • Standard 5 metre cable can be replaced with up to 10 metres
  • Wi-fi gives Pulsar Plus remote access to the myWallbox platform
  • The new Plus model includes the extra protection offered by DC leakage detection

Smart Load Balancing

  • Power Boost optimises the energy relationship between home and vehicle, in order to give faster charging when more power is available
  • Power Sharing allows a balance between vehicles charging in the same location

MyWallBox App

  • Free for domestic users, myWallbox allows charging to be managed remotely; increasing and decreasing charging rates, locking and unlocking the device, scheduling charging sessions and providing comprehensive user history and statistics.